Featured Speakers include:

Paul Benda
Director, HSARPA
Department of Homeland Security
CAPT Shoshana Chatfield
Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, US Pacific Fleet
US Navy
LTC Edward Vedder
Commander, 1-1 ARB, 1CAB, 1ID
U.S. Army
LtCol A. Che Bolden
Incoming Commander, Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
U.S. Marine Corps
LtCol Jeffery Patton
Commander, 9th Attack Squadron, 49th Fighter Wing
US Air Force
LCDR Jeff Vajda
Program Manager, USCG Office of Aviation (CG-711)
US Coast Guard
Al Frazier
Deputy Sheriff, UAS Program Office
Grand Forks County Sheriffs Department
Sean Snyder
Military Legislative Assistant, Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus
Office of Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY)
Dr. Ramesh Kakar
Weather Focus Area Leader, NASA/Science Mission Directorate
Mike Blades
Senior Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
Dean Berry
Integration Team Lead, Global Hawk Division
US Air Force
LTC Mark Colbrook
Chief, UAS Systems, HQDA, DCS-3/5/7 (DAMO-AV)
US Army
Dr. James Paunicka
Technical Fellow, Research and Technology
Dave Hendrickson
Director of Business Development

**Despite inclement weather in the Washington D.C area, UAS Summit will run as scheduled.

Understanding the Implications of Current UAS Initiatives: Evolving DoD Employment Methods, Commercial Use of UAS, and Capability Advances

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), projected to be a $10.6bn market in 2013, have proven their efficacy in Operations Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) over the past decade. UAS platforms allow the DoD to project lethality and ISR capabilities without projecting vulnerability. Drone attacks are so effective that they’re the instrument of choice in eliminating insurgents in many hostile areas. As UAS technology matures and prices start to drop from commoditized components, more agencies are becoming interested in adopting UAS platforms. The market is on the brink of yet another explosion.

IDGA presents its 9th Annual UAS Training Workshop that covers trending topics but aims to place a unique focus on the Warfighter’s perspective – a voice often drowned out in high-level discussions. This event will focus on two key areas:

  • UAS Strategy/Policy – How do the different components of the DoD think about UAS employment and procurement? What are the various commercial applications of UAS at the national scale and what does this imply in terms of governance?
  • UAS Emerging Technology – What are the biggest issues UAS operators in the field experience today and how can technology solve them? How do the latest UAS technology advancements translate into tactical advantages in the field?

Exciting advances are being forged in the UAS DoD space and the commercial market is on the verge of taking off. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry leaders and DoD decision-makers as well as Warfighters.

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